Coffee with cinnamon stick

If you are a novice in coffee-drinking, stepping into Starbucks will see you struggling to place an order. Café au lait, espresso, mocha, Americano.. the list goes on and unless you are prepared with some knowledge about what goes in the single cup coffee maker to prepare different types of coffee drink, you would probably make a wrong order – either your coffee is too sweet or creamy for your taste or that the bitterness is simply too overwhelming for you to bear.

Some of the more popular coffee drinks are mocha, espresso, cappuccino and café latte. When the day is cloudy and you feel dull, I will walk into a coffee house for a nice relaxing ambience while enjoying coffee to brighten up my day. Depending on your personal preference and palette, you may want to order a cup of mocha for a nice blend of bitter and sweet surprise. Mocha has more milk and cream to it- accompanied by a dash of aromatic cocoa powder.

When I feel like sipping a frothy coffee drink, go for the much-loved cappuccino. It is nicely blended with espresso, steamed milk and topped with bubbly frothed milk. Some coffee shops give it an extra flavor of cinnamon or chocolate for a richer taste.

For a good caffeine shot, get espresso- a strong coffee drink. The dark coffee has a rather complicated taste to it and that I usually gently smell and sip the drink for an enriching coffee-drinking experience.