Keep it simple; that’s always been my food philosophy.

Unfortunately, this is mostly due to pure unadulterated laziness, rather than any Zen-like insight.

It was fast becoming clear that eating the same three meals — rare steak (quick to cook), pan-fried sea bass (very quick to cook), and instant tom yum noodles (cheap and quick to cook) — in rotating succession was not the way to go.

I could cook – that wasn’t the issue. It was finding recipes where the pleasure (eating) to pain (gathering ingredients and equipment, prep and cooking time) ratio suited my rather lethargic requirements.

Italian was out – the pleasure side ruined by association with impoverished student days. French cookery lost on the pain scale – complex sauces, lengthy preparations, and recipes quoted in hours rather than seconds.

Not being a fan of couscous or heavy spices ruled out several more culinary options. I was running out of continents here.

In hindsight, the answer was clear as soup. After years of near-certifiable levels of sushi addiction, it was time to give the rest of Japanese cuisine a go.

The rest, they say, is cookery.

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