Bannerific Easter | Church Stage Design IdeasI am not really sure how realistic it is, but I would really like to become an actor for theatrical plays. Right now I am going to be out of school in a few weeks and I intend to go to London and study acting. Of course I need to get accepted to a good university and that has proven difficult, so for now I am planning upon studying theatre stage design as an apprentice until I can talk my way into a school with a good drama department. It took a great deal of talking to get this opportunity and the pay is going to be dreadful, but I managed to convince one of the more important stage designers in London to let me be his apprentice. It took a great deal of sweet talk and determination, but she finally decided that I was cute and persistent.

Of course I really just want a job in the theatre and this is merely a foot in the door. It is going to be quite a chore to stick around long enough to manage it. Of course I was lucky that I have good carpentry skills.